Cookie authentication

This authentication scheme allows a user to log in with a single ID and password. It allows user to login on website and use Logora without login in a second time. SSO creates a user profile on Logora and avoid conflicts with existing users. The login process works as it follows :

Before you start : go to your Administration Panel > Parameters > Authentication to choose the authentication you wish to use  

1. The user logins on your website; you create a cookie in the user's navigator to identify his/her session.

2. Logora application detects the cookie, and use its value to send a request towards an authentification route under your ownership. 

3. Your route validates the user session and send back the informations linked to the user, on a JSON format.  

4. When receiving the informations, Logora sign in or sign up the user.

The parameters such as the cookie name, the validation route or the informations sent by this route are configurable from your administration panel. 

Once parameters are definied, Logora plugins installed on your website detect automatically the cookie, and send its value back to your route to verify its accuracy. 

Parameters sent back by the verification route 

Here is an example of parameters sent back : 

"uid": "1234",
"first_name": "Jean",
"last_name": "Dupont",
"email": "",
"avatar_url": ""

The fields uid, first_name and email are mandatory. The field uid matches a unique identifier linked to the user from your system, for example, its ID . The fields name are editable from your administration panel.

User disconnection

To detect user disconnection, Logora, checks the cookie availability. If the cookie isn't available or empty ,the user is disconnected.

Redirection towards the debate space after user connection 

When an unregistered user wants to participate on the debate, from the debate space or the synthesis, he/she is redirected to your login page. When inserting the debate space, you can define the connection and inscription URLs with the variables login_url and registration_url,

<div id="logora_app"></div>
    // Configuration variables
    var logora_config = {
        shortname: "letrain", // Application name found in your administration panel 
        login_url: "Your connection URL", // Insert here your connection url
        registration_url: "Your redirection URL" // Insert here your redirection url

    (function() {
        var d = document, s = d.createElement('script');
        s.src = '';
        (d.head || d.body).appendChild(s);

When redirecting, a request parameter logora_redirect is sent, with the redirection URL. Use this parameter to redirect the user after his/her connection or inscription.The parameter name is editable, for example definied à redirect_to. To change the name of the parameter, please contact us.

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